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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 12, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the stadium are hoping for some big money. horace holmes has been taking in the day -- home opener. >> the sellout crowd got in and out with no problems. they wear treated to some extra innings and a nationals when. >>-- nationals win. >> here are my two boys and my husband. is something we look forward to all year long. >> the expectations is that they will stay on top all year long. they have been so excited they went down to florida to see the team in spring training. they're going to come to as many games as they can this season. >> this is a fun time to be in washington with the nationals. there are really getting greater. >> a chance to enjoy the teens some good baseball, and a game day experience.
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the beer flows at the huge beer park. inside the stadium the buzz is about and a pound burger made with three different meats called the strasburger. you have to share unless you have a really big appetite. it is all really about baseball. on this day the nationals put on quite a show. >> i have to get something for the wife and the kids. >> the game let out about one hour ago. what we are left with right here is normal rush hour traffic around the stadium. >> thank you very much.
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more from the home opener coming up and sports. you can check out our pictures on our web site >> now for the latest in the trayvon martin case. today was the first court appearance for the gunmen, george zimmerman. he faces a second-degree murder charge. he told police he shot martin in self-defense on february 26. he told a judge he understood the charges against him. he will be back in court may 29. after years of delays, jury selection is underway in the trial of john edwards. edwards faces charges related to secret payments made by two campaign donors to help hide his pregnant mistress while he ran for president in 2008. it could last up to six weeks. >> d.c. police and federal judge agents have busted a suspected
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meth lab in northwest washington. hazmat teams spent time at the apartment. they arrested the 30-year-old on drug charges. this is the second suspected math lab they have cleaned up and the district in as many months. >> north korea is moving forward with plans for a rocket launch in the next few days. it appears poor weather is making the launch unlikely. the government says its rocket is for a weather satellite. the u.s. and other companies believe it is part of a long range missile test. a window remains open through next monday. the u.s. has threatened to suspend a new food aid to the koreans to protest the launch. >> gov. martin o'malley tells our news partners that he is not sure if there will be a special
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session to talk about the budget. he says there is plenty of blame to go and run for the pitch for a casino in prince george's county getting in the way. brad bell is live with more. >> this is all about money. the state government says they need more money. one side says the casino will help because it will raise revenue. the governor said he is not a big fan of gambling and but like to raise taxes. either side got their way and now he says it is the people of maryland who will suffer. >> the battle over a proposed casino is being blamed for the possibility that maryland will be forced to implicate -- the blame lies largely with mike miller and his support of the casino. >> the gambling issue in the closing days crowded out a lot of other important things.
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>> miller points out he is not the only supporter of the casino and he assures the governor it will work out in the end. >> all they have to do is bring the people together. we will work it out. >> in the waning hours of the 90 day legislative session, the house and senate failed to approve a revenue package that included higher income taxes for those earning six-figure incomes. many say miller held the budget hostage as he tried to get a vote on the casino bill. >> of the casino can contribute to reducing the deficit and help bring money to the state, then more power to it. >> we should pay our bills straight up. this is just a tax on the statistical challenged. >> it is expected a special session will be called to approve a budget with higher taxes. the gambling impasse needs to be settled first. >> but the demands for special
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interest to the side and put the needs for public interest first. >> the governor made a number of media appearances today. and all of them he was noncommittal about whether he will call a special session. some people say that is fine with that. republicans said the legislature got it right. brad bell, abc 7 news. >> the board is proposing to raise its rates again. the national peak fares could rise to $5.75. bus fares could cost another dime. there is some good news. the unpopular peak of the peak fare the one in which riders pay an extra 20 cents during the busiest times of rush hour, could be scrapped. >> i think the revisions are a reflection of hearing from our customers and stakeholders. we have heard a great deal about the impact for the riders
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on the fare. >> it will help raise $100 million in badly needed funding. if the board approves the hikes will go into effect july 1. >> still to come, the latest report on the job market. we will see how claims for unemployment have turned another corner but in the wrong direction. >> reading electronic books just got cheaper. >> how much some people should pay in taxes every year. the war of words on the campaign trail.
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>> we are back with the obama administration going all in on the buffet tax rule. >> joe biden took the message on the road in new hampshire. a local law maker is pushing to make millionaires pay a higher tax rate and billet -- metal tax americans. >> tax day is just a round a corner, but the question is, are we paying too much? in the case of the buffett row
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some would argue too little. >> how many of you have a swiss bank account? [laughter] nobody? >> the white house tactic is clear. paint mitt romney as wealthy and uncaring, portray the president as compassionate and pushed the buffett rule to prove it. >> wealthy people are just as patriotic as poor people. are just as patriotic as middle- class people. i think they know they should be doing more. >> the buffett rule would tax income over $1 million a year at 30% seems fair to many. not all agree. >> what should i have to pick up for somebody not doing their share? >> he is making a class warfare.
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>> how does the obama team counter that argument? >> i use the buffett calculator. i put in my salary and how much more i am paying that mitt romney. when they see the disparity they will understand what the president is talking about. >> the calculator, the latest political prop is further separating these two sites. while the proposal is unlikely to make it through congress, the arguing will last through november. >> mitt romney did not have any public events today but people have said using the buffett rule to target investors, it will deter the people from investing here at home and they will spend the money overseas. >> we will tell you the best way to witness nasa history as one space shuttle prepares to land
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in our area for the last time. >> a warm-up for the weekend. doug hill has a look at the forecast after the break.
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>> the number of people applying for jobless benefits is up. >> it jumped by 13 thousands since steadily declining since fall. amazon is cutting its e but prices facing a government lawsuit. they are slashing prices to less than $10. the announcement follows word that the justice department is suing apple and five publishers for price-fixing. >> the discovery will make its final flight over our area on
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tuesday. if you would like to see the fly over there will be a location that the national mall. also hains point and southwest waterfront. the national harbour is the perfect spot in maryland to check out the last flight. >> we can go upstairs to freedom park and get a good view. it big time warming trend is on the way. this is from our hd camera and stevensville. said it in motion during the day, watch the clouds come at us. here is what we have for you in the late afternoon. sky starting to clear just a little bit. with clear skies diminishing it would be a chilly evening.
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53 degrees in germantown. 55 in sterling. dale city is 58 degrees. 63 and 42 is the average high and low. i said a few minutes earlier that today will feel cold compared with what is coming. he will see what i been as the forecast extends into next week. still 61 in the city right now. 55 in gaithersburg. frost is a possibility north and west of the city. frost advisory's overnight. a freeze warning in affect overnight. temperatures mild for us. winds will generally and gradually turned south. some of these warmer temperatures will be pulled in. tomorrow metal 60's and then the days start piling up into the 70's and 80's. as we get into saturday, that
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warm air will push through northern ohio and pennsylvania along the warm front. i think we will have a few clouds. we will get into the lower 70's. a big push comes our way for sunday monday, and tuesday as we get into the 80's for a few days. in the morning sonny and chilly weather at 40 degrees. 60 degrees at noon. as we had to the next several days, here is the warm-up. 70 degrees on saturday and 82 on sunday. a bit more humid on tuesday head of a cold front. that call from will give us a 30% chance of scattered showers and storms that we need very badly. then a cool down for the end of the week. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> welcome back to the ball park. a spectacular day here.
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it is getting colder right now. they saw a terrific ballgame that went extra innings as the national speed to the reds' 3-2. the star of the game was gonzalez. although he did not get the win he threw several strong innings and gave up only two hits all afternoon. brined ludwig got it to him. the national's rally. he threw at wide and lo and here comes the zimmerman in. the nationals win in 10. >> it was an exciting win because we did it at home. everything worked. defense, offense, everything just clicked. it was a great win. >> on the injury front, bad news for the nationals. michael morse has a pulled strained lat.
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right nowmorse is on the shelf. for hockey fans, the capitals tonight in boston. it is their first playoff game and should be fun to watch. as a matter of fact, at the skate around today in boston, the capitals seemed list. this time around the playoffs it is all about match up and the stars. britt mchenry talks to two of those. >> the capitals will see a familiar face in the first round of the playoffs. he is a towering defenseman with a 15-year reza may in the nhl. the coach was asked if he ever went up against a player that was 6 ft. 9 to which he replied no, or they could not skate. he can do just that and expect him to be paired up against ovechkin.
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>> he is used to it. they match them up every time. it is a battle between the two guys. it will be a challenge for him. he will match the challenge. >> thank you. how about last night in pittsburgh. the best of seven, the flyers came back from 3 down. q. the sirens inside the celebration, the flyers beat the penguins 4-3 in sudden-death overtime after being three goals down in the first. hockey tonight, baseball today what a great day and washington. the final was 3-2 and they are in first place in the national league east. >> this could be the year, don't
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you think? >> nationals and red sox, here we come. >> thank you.
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>> one more day for a chance to win tickets for jeopardy and washington. >> all you have to do is enter your name on our facebook page. we are giving away five pairs
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of vip tickets. today's winners are posted on and we will post tamara's winners there also at around 5:00. >>doug is very good at jeopardy. >> let's talk about the frost and freeze coming north and west of the city. temperatures and below 40 -- 030's before sunrise. after a chilly start we will warm to the mid 60's. lower 80's on sunday, and warm and muggy on tuesday and may be a shower and thunderstorm tuesday and wednesday. i hope we do get some showers. keep up-to-date on i want to remind the you have one more day to vote in the cherry blossom thought no contest. we will announce the winners tomorrow. >> thank you very much.
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